4Simple tips helping to loose weight

There are lots of people worldwide who have problems with too big weight.
It is sad but true. Conventional ideas such as eating less, running more usually do not work in a long term process. Counting every calorie, exercising for many hours every single day and trying to ignore the huge hunger are extremelly difficult for everybody without no exceptions. There is no doubt about it. The weight is also hormonally regulated. It is necessary to reduce the fat-storing hormone, insulin before going to the gym.

Time to think about our health

According to many scientists that is really needless suffering and it wastes a lot of time and the very precious willpower. It is kind of weight loss predistined only for masochists. Eventually almost everybody gives it up. That is why nowadays we have an obesity epidemic almost all over the world, especially in United States of America. Only after having hormones regulated, one can start to fight the extra-curricular weight. It is essencial to drink a lot of green tea. Researchers strongly believe that metabolism-enhancing antioxidants known as catechins are only found in green tea.

Start exercise

What is more, it is very important to add at least 20 minutes of exercise per day. The Workout Routine of moderate exercise a day helps to burn approximately 700 calories which is really a lot. What is also important, anybody who wants to loose weight should avoid so called calories in a glass. It means that intaking of juice, fizzy soda, coffee drinks and wine should be strongly monitored. Incidentally, strong alcohol may suppress the metabolism of fat by making it tougher to burn calories you take in food.